St Mary's Church, Newton Regis

Initially, repairs to the East window were instructed, but on closer inspection it was agreed that the whole of the East window masonry was in a poor state and needed to be fully replace.

The existing east gable window was carefully de-glazed (by others) and followed by the dismantling of the existing East window masonry at St Mary's and reinstated with a new window crafted in our own workshop.



Bromley House Library, Nottingham

Bromley House is a private library and situated on Angel Row in Nottingham.  Alterations and refurbishment were  undertaken on the first and second floors to the Garden Wing to form a a new library room, new toilets and offices, a new staircase between floors, repairs to windows, introduction of a new kitchen, decoration, upgrading of electrical system and other associated electrical and plumbing works. 



St Mary de Castro, Leicester

The spire at the Church of St Mary de Castro had, over a period of time, developed quite large cracks the result of which being, that the spire was considered to be in a dangerous state.

Scaffold was erected over a number of weeks to the full height of the spire to enable our company to dismantle it. This work commenced January 2014 and took around 32 weeks to complete

The tower now has a temporary roof constructed to protect against the weather.

As work began, the weathervane from the top of the spire was removed and handed to the Mayor of Leicester.

This is an Engish Heritage grant aided project.


Buttermarket, Mountsorrel

Works to this Monument included structural timber repairs and the re-forming of the dome in timber, which was achieved most successfully.  We have been awarded the LJCC Whole Building Award 2013 for this project.

The final part of the works included the recovering of the dome in lead with ventilation and fixing of the urn on top with a new section of stone.

Repairs to a number of the stone columns was also undertaken as was the internal dome being lime rendered and finished with ventilation covers and limewash.



St Mary's Church, Nottingham

St Mary's Church is located in the Lace Market area of Nottingham and has undertaken major works to introduce a new underfloor heating system in four areas.  The floor areas have been excavated and limecrete slab introduced with a glasscrete finish over the undefloor heating.

To complete the floor works, a bespoke design of stone flooring has been introduced.  The design is of a herringbone layout and the stone used is Corncockle and Ancaster Weatherbed in alternating bands.

Other heating improvements and electrical works associated with the project have also been undertaken.



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